Being a professional soccer player is what many talented young fans dream of when aiming to start their training at an early age, especially from the ages of 16 to 22.

The appeal of playing a sport followed by millions of people around the world is fueled by its growth in popularity in different social networks, which label soccer as one of the “top sports”, awaking excitement for both boys and girls from all over the world to venture into the exciting path of becoming a professional soccer player, especially in Spain where soccer tryouts are getting more and more accessible.

But why in Spain?

Spain is one of the leading countries in both men’s and women’s soccer. The country recently won the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In addition to this, the country also hosts two of the biggest soccer clubs known in the industry, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Both teams have won the Champions League on numerous occasions and have been the home to the most famous players in the world, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi.

Requirements to become a professional soccer player The first step to become a professional soccer player through tryouts is to study and work the methodology of the team from an early age to develop into a professional athlete.

However, it’s not just about the player’s technique and talent, the growth and development of the athlete is key to achieve success. This is where the 91-minute rule applies, where once the match is done, it’s up to each player to continue working on themselves to prepare for the difficulties ahead each day. For this, players must prepare both in body and mind.

Keeping your body in good form, taking care of your nutrition, resting and integrating healthy habits into your daily routine will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Additionally, working on how to mentally strengthen your mind to endure the psychological hardship of a match or training is also key to achieve success.

Where and how to get soccer tryouts in Spain?

Being a professional soccer player in Spain is already a challenge for national players, and it’s even more difficult for international players who want to start their career in the country.

To ease the road, the ideal scenario is to be represented by a Soccer Agent in Spain to reinforce, promote and help you work on the admission, legal and competitive aspects of the field so that you can enter a soccer tryout of a professional team in “La Liga”. Soccer tryouts in Spain offer optimal individual and collective work where your strengths are enhanced, and your weaknesses are improved.

Furthermore, the player will get to learn new techniques and adapt to the rhythm and demands of Spanish football where the competitive level is one of the most demanding.

The adaptation to European football will help you gain useful experience to get familiarized with the aspects of the game in the region, and how to collaborate more effectively with your teammates.


Get developed Elite IFM

Just as important as having the support of your family, it’s also key to have a professional team supporting and looking after the interests of the player. Through proper management, the player can focus on playing soccer without worrying about the small details.

At ELITE IFM, led by its founder Daniel Infante, the team watches over both the academic activity and performance of the footballers who are going to make the tryouts in the professional teams of the Spanish League. ELITE IFM constantly analyzes the players and the opportunities available in various clubs to find the best match for those who work hard.

For international players, it’s also necessary to have the proper documentation needed to enter the country and continue their path as professional football players in Spain. ELITE IFM guides players through the legal and administrative process to ensure that all processes are followed in accordance with the immigration laws of the country.

If you want more information, contact ELITE IFM here and begin your professional career with soccer tryouts of professional teams from La Liga in Spain.

If you want more information, contact us and begin your professional career with soccer tryouts of professional teams from La Liga in Spain.